Unboxing More POWER! Ford F250 6.7 Banks Derringer iDash 1.8 Programmer + 5" MONSTER Exhaust

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Want to know more about this programmer? click here and ESPECIALLY watch the video. https://www.bankspower.com/i-2881-derringer-tuner-w-datamonster-with-activesafety-includes-banks-idash-1-8-datamonster-for-2017-2019-ford-f250-f350-f450-f550-6-7l-power-stroke.html

More about the Monster 5" Exhaust here https://www.bankspower.com/i-2808-monster-exhaust-system-5-inch-single-exit-black-tip-2017-2019-ford-f250-f350-f450-6-7l-power-stroke.html

I was hesitant, and frankly did not care about an exhaust upgrade or a programmer. Until i watched a few video's and also talked to Jay from Banks Power himself. After watching the video (here https://youtu.be/vAr5X3d5IvM ) i decided maybe i should just give it a shot. Especially since it will be beneficial when towing my 10,000lb toy hauler such long distances with steep grades on hot days the way we do. The reason i did not install this today is because i need an OBD splitter cable as i am already hogging the port with my Amp electric side steps. No big deal! Ill get on it soon! Thanks for watching!

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